Thursday, 8/12/2016 | 6:03 UTC+0
Celebrating Communities
  • Police and Community…Getting to Know You

    Police officers dine at the Door Restaurant. They have shopped on Jamaica Avenue. They have also ridden in a dollar van, the legal ones of course. All this was revealed at the 113th Precinct Community Council Board monthly meeting in October. At the meeting, the Council Board took the opportunity to reintroduce to residents their Neighborhood Coordinating Officers.

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  • meeks-breakfast
    Congressman Asserts Trump Victory was Minor, Gives Update and Next Steps

    Donald Trump’s election win was a deemed a surprise as most forecasters, pundits and pollsters predicted a Hillary Clinton win. Although Hillary won the popular vote, Trump was able to secure the necessary electoral votes. On Monday November 28, Congressman Gregory Meeks hosted a breakfast convening civic, clergy and community for an assessment of the of the 2016 Presidential Election. The goal was to understand what the results mean and to plot a forward direction.

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  • 1115162043
    Residents strategize ways to fight against hotel shelters

    New hotels entering a community are a cause for alarm as residents believe this newly proposed hotel will become a homeless shelter, in an area already overpopulated with them. The Maspeth community has fought against these types of intrusions into their neighborhood. Several members of the Maspeth protest community were guest speakers at the town hall who offered to share the expertise gleaned from their fight and their support.

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  • We Like Free and Collard Greens

    With the primary election behind, voters have spoken. Their message, ‘we like free and collard greens’. ‘Free and Collard Greens’ is a phrase that has been used to describe a pattern of behavior of elected officials in which they offer lots of free events and giveaways that keep constituents happy and offer little else.

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  • Birth of a Nation 2016

    November is an important month!  It includes an election in which the first Black President’s successor will be chosen and it charts the direction of this nation for the next generation.  Many predict that after our first Black President, America will have its first woman President. While the focus of this election season is primarily

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  • rochdale-village2
    Incumbents Rule but Joe is Gone! Results of Rochdale Village Election

    Two new candidates vying for a position on the board who partnered with CCC won seats. Timothy Mercer, who will be a returning member of the board after his brief hiatus, and first time candidate, MaryAnn Smith. The two remaining Board of Director seats went to members of the opposing party Rochdale’s New Vision. Derrick Shareef, the accountant and finance guy and Barbara Staples, the spry senior were the winners.

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  • millerdeblasio
    Mayor Bill de Blasio Answers Questions at Town Hall

    On Wednesday, September 28, Mayor Bill de Blasio came to Southeast Queens for his second town hall this year. Held in conjunction with Council Member I. Daneek Miller, the forum was a means for the community to address their concerns and questions directly to City Hall.

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