Wednesday, 26/10/2016 | 3:08 UTC+0
Celebrating Communities
  • rochdale-village2
    Incumbents Rule but Joe is Gone! Results of Rochdale Village Election

    Two new candidates vying for a position on the board who partnered with CCC won seats. Timothy Mercer, who will be a returning member of the board after his brief hiatus, and first time candidate, MaryAnn Smith. The two remaining Board of Director seats went to members of the opposing party Rochdale’s New Vision. Derrick Shareef, the accountant and finance guy and Barbara Staples, the spry senior were the winners.

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  • millerdeblasio
    Mayor Bill de Blasio Answers Questions at Town Hall

    On Wednesday, September 28, Mayor Bill de Blasio came to Southeast Queens for his second town hall this year. Held in conjunction with Council Member I. Daneek Miller, the forum was a means for the community to address their concerns and questions directly to City Hall.

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  • Downtown Far Rockaway Revitalization Zone
    ‘The Village’ Gets Hefty Investment for Revitalization

    On Friday, August 19th, City Commissioners and local elected officials joined NYC Economic Development (NYCEDC) President Maria Torres Springer and Council Member Donovan Richards to announce plans to revitalize Downtown Far Rockaway. The plans include a hefty investment of $91 million dollars and a collaboration with City Agencies.

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  • Vanel vs. French vs. Paul vs. Williams in Assembly District 33 Debate

    In the hotly contested race to fill the seat of the recently deceased Assembly Woman Barbara Clark, it was candidates of a refreshingly younger generation that took center stage for their turn at leadership. Natasha, at 28, was a surprising standout among a group of strong contenders as she showcased her experience and addressed community shortfalls.

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  • Hyndman vs. Gittens-Bridges vs. Dr. Guillebeaux in Assembly District 29 Debate

    Although Hyndman began her tenure with the legislature at the beginning of this year. She leaned on the work of the legislatures recent session as her body of work. Hyndman’s freshman status is challenging for both incumbent and challengers. Just building a legislative resume, it becomes hard to for Hyndman to directly point to her contributions in the seat. She did a good job, however, of showing that she is learning fast the workings of an elected official by speaking directly to laws currently on the books and blockage by Republicans in the Senate legislature.

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  • Adams vs. Sanders in Senate District 10 Debate

    Shade was a major factor in this battle with the challenger invoking subtle hints about the incumbents’ incompetence rather than presenting her own substantive strategies. The challenger started early into the short debate by referring to the Senators time on the City Council where he voted in favor of a third term for Mayor Bloomberg. She then pointed to money for education that has been tied up in the legislature for a decade.

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  • Cook vs. Reid in Assembly District 29 Debate

    Rodney Reid has the advantage by default as his opponent was no-show. Organizers said that all candidates were invited to attend. Contacting Assembly Member Cook, who answered the phone at her office about the absence, she stated “I was not invited”. Reid was a solid contender jumping right into District issues including flooding and predatory lending.

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